PTV Sports Biss Key Today Paksat Biis Key 2019

Ptv Sports Biss Key today Paksat biss Key 2019

Updated PTV Sports Latest Biss Key 2019 – Live Streaming PTV Sport 2019

PTV Sports New Biss Key and Frequency Code 2019. Watch Pakistan Cricket Matches live on PTV Sports Channel. PTV Sports was dispatched on 14 January 2012. PTV sports live test transmission started in December 2011 on AsiaSat7 (Asiasat3s) at 105.5E. Now You Can enjoy Pakistan Super League 2018 Live Streaming Online for Free only on Ptv Sports.

On the day of dispatch, PTV Sports was fta on Asiasat7 (Asiasat3s). PTV Sports is the top sports channel in Pakistan.

In the wake of the beginning standard transmission of PTV Sports, It got Scramble/Encrypted. Now you can watch PTV Sports live streaming for all cricket matches using these keys.

PTV Sports Frequency

The table shows the latest PTV Sports frequency and other data about it. This frequency is of C BAND Version of PTV sports KU band is also given down below

Satellite Paksat 38.0 East
Language URDU
Channel Ptv Sports
Transponder 4004 V 15555
Frequency 4005
Polarity V (Vertical)
Symbol Rate 15555
FEC 3/4
Quality/Format DVB-S
Encryption Conax
Last Updated 20/12/2018
Note Chances of changes exist. So make sure to check fresh frequency before using them.

Overhaul PTV Sports Frequency Code and Biss Key 22 Dec 2018, Latest PTV Sports updates about All BissKey and Frequency Code 2018 Update this Live Pakistan Television Sports Channel live TeleCast Ptv station has issued the declared upgraded the most recent Biss key of live cricket and Hockey coordinates live gushing.

PTV Sports Biss key Updated Jan 2019

If You are using a simple Receiver then install Conax Receiver Software Put this Conax key it will allow you to PTV live stream. The following information you need to put in while subscribing to this TV station for your PTV Sports and different stations of the PTV system has been moved to the new satellite Paksat 38° East. You can utilize the accompanying subtle elements to watch PTV Sports.

  1. Ptv Sports Biss Key Today: F7 E9 A7 AB 19 57 CD AB
  2. Biss Key China Receiver : F7 E9 A7 AA 19 57 CD AA
  3. Biss Key Other Receiver: F7 E9 A7 CC 19 57 CD CC

PTV Sports Conex Key 2018

Information Details
Ptv Sports Conex Key 2018 EF 12 78 6C BD A0 34 65
AD 32 45 00 98 FC DB CA
Overhaul Key 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC
5132 1396 9ADD EC63
5132 1300 9ADD EC00
5132 13AA 9ADD ECAA
FREQ 4OO4V 15555 FEC 3/4
Satellite PAKSAT 1R @ 38.0 East
Service ID 0004
Biss Key no. 1 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC
PTV K LAT Biss Key 0786 66F3 2291 10C3
Biss Key no. 2 5132 13AA 9ADD ECAA
Biss Key for China Receiver 51 32 1396 9A DD EC63
Biss Key no. 3 5132 1300 9ADD EC00
  • Channel : (CC ID )  Ptv Sports
  • Timing: during the match
  • PakSat-1R @38E KU Band
  • TP: 12674 V 1448
  • SID: 0001
  • Biss Key: A1 23 B4 78 56 C7 89 A6